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In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era Online European Cup Football Bettingof socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of Central No. 1 document,Comprehensively promote the new deployment of rural economic construction,Precise implementation of the "Five Revitalization" key tasks,April 15,"China People's Livelihood Bank -Follow County Rural Revitalization" Cadres' performance ability improvement training class is held at the campus of Shandong University。Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of History and Archeology of Shandong University、Gu Jianyu, deputy county head of the county government of Anyang, Anyang, Henan, attended the opening ceremony and spoke。

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Liu Jun welcomes the trainees,Introduce the history and deep background of the school running in Shandong University and the School of History,Looking back on the school land of Shandong University and Henan Province。She Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipssaid,Rural Economic Revitalization is an important part of the national strategy,Related to the well -being of hundreds of millions of farmers and the long -term development of the country,Talent revitalization is the basis of rural revitalization,She hopes that all students can cherish this learning opportunity,Active participation,Delivery,Apply the knowledge and skills I learned to actual work,Contribute your own strength to promote the comprehensive development of the rural economy。

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Gu Jianyu said,I hope that all students follow the rules and regulations of the training courses,Strict discipline,Ask with an open mind,Sit down、Quiet,Come、Jeanzhi,Learning and thinking、Learning to get something、Applicable to apply for,Careful studying the development concept of the economic construction of rural rejuvenation in Shandong Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsProvince、Successful experience,Greed Vision、Improve professional level and ability to perform duties in cadres。

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The content of the course set up in this training is rich,Cover the interpretation of the No. 1 document、Fusion of three industries in rural areas、Internet era and rural characteristic industries、Featured cultural industrial clusters and rural governance,The teaching team combines a large number of cases,In -depth interpretation of rural revitalization and exchanging reports on how to effectively promote the development of rural economic and social development。

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In teaching practice activities,The trainees came to Sanxianxi Village, Zhangqiu District, Zhangqiu District, Zhang Qiu District, where General Secretary Xi Jinping came to,Visit the rural revitalization exhibition hall of Sanxianxi Village and listened to the Lecture Hall of the Online European Cup Football BettingNew Age Civilization Practice Station in Sanxianxi Village;、Jinan Yuanhu Food Co., Ltd.、Dezhou Chicken Co., Ltd.、Wucheng County Zhongxiang Grain Business Bank and other places,Visit through field、Listen to the introduction and other methods,In -depth understanding of the technological innovation of the development of modern enterprises、Target Market、Product positioning and other concepts,Practical results achieved by the revitalization of the countryside,Further inspiration,Enhance practical ability。In addition,Training class students also visited the Shandong Provincial Museum、Texas Liangzi Black Pottery Museum。

Through this training,Trainees generally reflected that the gains are quite abundant,A deeper understanding and understanding of the work of rural economic revitalization,indicates 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionthat it will be based on my own job,Actively promote the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization,Promote the rural economy、Society、Culture、Ecological comprehensive coordinated development。

This training course is hosted by the School of History of Shandong University,The Rural Rejuvenation Bureau of the County、Each township (street) and more than 60 cadres directly units in related counties participate in training。