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April 24,Professor Chen Shangsheng of History Institute of History Academy Accepting South Korea's National Television (KBS) special reporter Zheng Fan -hyun and others,Participate in "Renchen Chaos" (It is called "Wanli Korean War",Today'Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipss people are called "the Ming Dynasty Royal Aid DPRK",1592-1598) Historical special documentary production。

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The reason why the two sides rescued North Korea in the Ming Dynasty、Evaluation of Emperor Wanli、Intelligence on this war、From June 1593 to 1596, why did the Ming Dynasty peace talks with Japan、The circulation of silver in the Ming Dynasty and during the war in North Korea、The impact of the Wanli Korean War on East Asian geopolitics、Chinese scholar's evaluation of the Korean army general Li Shunchen、How does the Ming Dynasty view the two countries of Japan and North Korea,and Chinese scholars, especially scholars in Shandong University in recent years, communicate the research status of the Wanli Korean War.。

Professor Chen Shangsheng thinks,The Ming Dynasty rescued North Korea, which was rescued in time and suffered from Japanese invasion,It is not just the "small" behavior of the "Shang Guo" who protects the "vassal country" mentioned in the "History of the 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionMing Dynasty" in the previous "History of the Ming Dynasty,There are also national interests based on the safety of the security of the Korean Peninsula for the security of Liaodong and Beijing.,But he has always been clear about the position of rescue North Korea。After the Ming Army encountered setbacks in the Biho Pavilion,The Ministry of Military Affairs Shi Shixing began to dominate peaceful negotiations with Japan,But the condition of the Ming Dynasty negotiations is that the Japanese army must completely withdraw from North Korea。The reason why the Ming Dynasty negotiated with Japan after the defeat of the Battle of Biho Pavilion,More food and cricket supply is not continued、The Ming Dynasty still should cope with other war and other factors。1530-1581 before the outbreak of the war,The Ming Dynasty has implemented the reform of the contract,Merge of Tianfu, Qiqi, and other miscellaneous signs of the states and counties,Silver also becomes a way for the Ming Dynasty Online European Cup Football Bettingto pay for military expenses。During the War of the DPRK,Except for the Emperor Wanli Emperor's reward to North Korea's silver,Ming Dynasty soldiers also received and carried silver two,But when buying food in North Korea, there are many difficulties。During the war,The King of North Korea will also reward the two silver soldiers and surrender Japanese soldiers,This has accelerated the circulation of silver in Korean society。Ming Dynasty in this war,Consumption a lot of military power、material and financial resources,Especially the Liaoning soldiers in the northeast region in the northeast are seriously lost,indirectly achieved the rise of the female true tribe。Toyotoma Hideyoshi invaded North Korea,It means that Japan began to challenge the East Asian international order led by the Ming Dynasty。After the war is over,Japan's Edo Shogunate and the Ming and Qing dynasties in China have no political tribute relations,Only economic and trade exchanges,International Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsrelations in East Asia began to occur in dual division。

In addition,Professor Chen Shangsheng introduced to reporters,Historian historians of Shandong University communicated with colleagues with South Korea's Chengjun Museum in 1988。After the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea in 1992,Professor of History of Shandong University established the South Korean Research Center,Efforts to promote the study of the history and culture of Korean history, culture, and Chinese and Korean relations。At the end of 2017,He also hosted the major project of China's National Social Science Fund as the chief expert "Collection of Renchen War Historical Materials、Solving、Translation and Research ",The scale of more than 7.3 million words has been completed and formed,Historical materials include the collation of the schools related to Chinese and North Korea related Chinese literature and the translation of relevant Japanese waiting text,It is expected to Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsbe published next year,It will be beneficial to the limitations of the history of Renchen War History to overcome the limitations of a country's historical materials。At the same time,Shandong University from 2018,It has also hosted the "Renchen War Research (International) Workshop" for three consecutive years,Organization China、Korea、Relevant scholars in Japan and Europe and the United States come to Shandong University for special discussions,Hosted a Graduate Forum at the same time to cultivate academic newcomers。His Korean and Japanese scholars regard Shandong University as a heavy town for Research on Renchen War。and the reason why we vigorously carry out Renchen War Research,In addition to the needs of historical research,It also discovered and promoted the consideration of the Chinese nation on the concept and ability of East Asia。