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April 25,The School of History of Shandong University、2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionThe "Bowang Silk Road 2,000 Years of Bowang Silk Road" Kobayashi Book Club event was held in the small forest of the central campus,Associate Professor Wu Shaowei, an associate professor at the School of History, reads "Silk Road and East and West Cultural Exchange",Dean of History College Dai Guoxi、Li Yinan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of History and the Archaeological College, and representatives of all grades to participate。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction

Wu Shaowei takes the title of "Eight Jun: Mr. Rong Xinjiang Scholars" as the title,Start with Professor Rong Xinjiang's works,Detailed sorting out the academic achievements and ideological claims of Professor Rongxinjiang in the field of history of Chinese and foreign relations。His vivid cases and in -depth analysis,Let students have a more comprehensive and profound 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionunderstanding of the academic contributions of Professor Rong Xinjiang。During the reading process,Wu Shaowei not only introduced Professor Rong Xinjiang's diligence and rigor in academic research,At the same time, Professor Rong Xinjiang's famous saying "Ji Tian Qin Jin,Three liters of acres; if not diligent, it will be as damaged as。"" Inspired students to be persistent in academic research,Diligence and hard work。Wu Shaowei emphasized,Academic research is like farming fields,Only work hard and continuous cultivation,Only to gain rich results。

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Dai Guoxi reviewed the academic exchanges of himself with Professor Rong Xinjiang in the exchange。He mentioned,In the relationship with Professor Rong Xinjiang,Not only learned rich historical knowledge,More deeply realized the rigor and innovation of historical Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsresearch。Dai Guoxi said,Professor Rong Xinjiang's profound academic accomplishment and rigorous academic attitude,It has a profound impact on yourself,It also inspires yourself to constantly pursue higher academic realm。Dai Guoxi focuses on the two themes of "Why Learning History" and "How to Do History Research" for wonderful sharing。He pointed out,Learning history is not only to understand the past,It is to better understand the present and foresee the future。Historical research requires a solid historical foundation、Student problem consciousness and scientific research method。Dai Guoxi message Students present should develop good reading habits,Emphasize to study historical knowledge。He emphasized,Reading is an important way to obtain knowledge and enhance literacy,I hope that students can cherish time,Read more、Online European Cup Football BettingRead a good book,Continuously improve your comprehensive quality and academic ability。

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In the interactive communication link,Students present combined with the previous reading experience and report content,I have put forward their own opinions or questions。Students said,Communication with the teacher,They have a clearer 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionunderstanding of the academic research of the history of Dunhuang and Chinese and foreign relations,I also deeply felt the profoundness of the Silk Road civilization。

Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tips

This event sets up the Dunhuang mural line drawing and muddy mural copying activity area,attracted many students to participate in the experience,They depict a line of line,strive to restore the charm of ancient murals,Related students also came to the stage for work display and experience sharing。

Happy Growth ",Happy 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionGrowth ",This "Bowang Silk Road 2 Thousand Years" Xiaodari Book Club further thicken the cultural atmosphere of Shuxiang campus,Hope classmates take this activity as an opportunity,Keep reading habits,Do a good job of historical learning and research,To promote human civilization exchange and mutual learning、Inheritance and promoting the contribution of the excellent traditional culture of China。