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April 2024,Based on "Study in the Mountain Big,Happy Growth ",Inheritance of the School of History and Archeology of Shandong University、Rongtong Wuyang,Start the "Four -time Preface to the Wind of Formation" Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Makes Month,Carefully designed a series of excellent Chinese traditional culture learning、Experience activity。

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Online European Cup Football BettingChinese Excellent Traditional Culture Interpretation Contest revitalizes and interprets the excellent traditional culture reflected in the "Zodiac",This event received a total of 197 works,Including the meaning of interpreting the origin of the zodiac by video,Introduce folk activities related to the year of the zodiac in the form of graphic、Folklore works,Make the twelve zodiac painting and painting、Paper -cut、Ceramus sculpture、3D printing、Equipment, etc.,While promoting the excellent traditional culture of China,Demonstrate the meaning of the times,Activate traditional cultural vitality。

2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction

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Haiyu's reverberation, ritual out of the east.Archaeological Theme graphic exhibition is based on the ten major archaeological discovery of Shandong University calendar as the main body of the content of the cultural relics,collected by previous archaeological undergraduates、Completion of finishing,Exhibition shows the process of Chinese civilization in the form of graphic and text,interpreted the vivid practice and fruitful results of the archeological people in the Chinese civilization。

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Quanmai Millennium, Bibo Poetry."Three -line Love Poems" Excellent Works Exhibition Taking the Landscape of Quancheng as the creative object,Taking the three -line love poem as the carrier,Guide students to talk to historical dialogue,Perceive the historical temperature of the ancient city,By pursuing the memory of Jinan Quancheng,Further call for protection、Use、Inheritance of the cultural heritage of Quancheng,Continuing historical context。

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Chunyi on Burning, enjoy time.The college passed the ancient style sports meeting,Rong culture in sports,Tai Chi、Throwing Hydrangea、Pack the pot、Flower 毽 ... A living -colored ancient movement comes from the depths of history,Guide students to relax in exercise,Enhanced constitution,Deep experience of the beauty of cultural and sports integration。Ancient text recognition at the sports meeting、Fun lantern riddles、Luo Shu Jiugongge、Seal Cultural Exhibition、Traditional Quyi、Tea Yun Fanghua、Tongue History and other interactive areas,Feeling the profoundness of Chinese culture,Realize the long flow of the Chinese civilization。

Paper kite sent spring, zheng shadow painting sunny.In paper kite production activities,Focus on promoting folk culture,Inheritance craftsmanship,Students start from learning production skills,Personally experience non -heritage charm。Concept and hand -painted kite pattern、Weaving skeleton structure、Precise paste edge,A different shape is different、Colorful paper kite was born。Students learn the skills and cultural connotation of kite production in practical exercises,Let the participants deeply experience the fun of handicrafts and the heritage of traditional culture。

Yiyi Huashang, the ancient charm is now windy.History College 2021 Master Graduate、"Chinese Poetry Conference" player Jiang Yi brings the Hanfu evolution traceability lecture to the students,Make a makeup beam experience activity。Jiang Yi combined with Hanfu clothing and makeup accessories,Explanation of the evolution process from the Han Dynasty from the Han Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty,Poetry pen and ink and Hanfu makeup bouquet to perceive the grace and deepness of classical culture,Students are wearing traditional costumes of various generations and generations,immersed experience of Hanfu's unique charm。The event went to a "tradition" and "modern" collision to go to an ancient charm of "crossing thousands of years",Let the participants appreciate the beauty of the millennium national style。

fingertips skills, millennium inheritance.College invites Chinese high -level non -relics plastic cultural inheritors、Member of the Henan Folk Literary and Artists Association Li Shuchi brought face -plastic development source flow and handicraft experience activities for students。Li Shuyin explained the historical origin of each plastic work、Image characteristics and cultural meaning,Demonstrate face plastic production skills,Including dough knead、Style shaping、Color matching, etc.。In the DIY experience session of the surface of the face,Students experience production,Feeling handmade charm。

Cultural Market, Mountain Soul Sea Rhyme.In the "Mountain Soul Sea Rhyme" traditional cultural market event in Shandong University,The college students carefully prepared paper -cut、Chinese medicine、Music、Velvers、Plastic plastic and other activity booths,Invite non -heritage cultural inheritors to participate in the explanation,Digging the rich connotation of the excellent traditional culture of China; and carrying out the "small woods pair poetry" at the event site,Dialogue with the ancient sages with the ancient sages in the poem。

A non -heritage flowers shine in the future.College student clubs around traditional culture inherit and promote,Holding velvet flowers、Experience activities of entangled flowers,"Velvet"、"Two Flowers" skills as the theme,Experience non -heritage velvet flowers by yourself、Wooding flower production,spread the folk traditional craftsmanship of "velvet flower" and "entangled flowers",Feeling non -heritage charm,Inheritance and promoting the excellent traditional culture of China。

Cooperation with offline campus cultural activities,Student Union of the School Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsof History and Archaeological College、Graduate students will via WeChat public platform、Video number design launched a series of traditional cultural theme network works,Jacks of ancient style songs in modern music works,Listen to the charm of the rhyme in the long river of history; the design and launch of the twenty -four solar terms and the four seasons light and shadow work exhibition,Breaking through poems and images,Commonly appreciated the beauty of the four o'clock of ancient and modern。

"Four o'clock to make a preface to the style of the poem" Chinese excellent traditional culture promotes the monthly combination of the subject characteristics of the School of History and the Archaeological College,Not only allows students to learn more about valuable traditional skills,enriched spiritual life,More deeply appreciated the deep background of Chinese excellent traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage,Improving the ability of cultural identity and innovation and practice,Further enhances a sense of identity and pride in Chinese culture,The college will take this activity as an opportunity,Continue to study and inherit the excellent traditional culture of China,To promote national culture、firm cultural self -confidence、spread the contribution of Chinese civilization。

【Author: Graphic/Lee Hu、Han Wenyuan、Zhao Xuemin、Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsLi Ziqi、Cheng Xiaoyu、Sun Kaixuan、Wu Wenjing and other responsible editors: Li Hu]