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April 29,"Example Power" Shandong University's 2023 Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony and May 4th Youth Congress held in the Concert Hall of the Central Campus。College of History、3 outstanding students in the Archaeological College、3 excellent collectives are commended。They are:

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2020 level History undergraduate students Gao No. 1

2021 level archives master Liu Yangyang

2020 Graduate Archeology PhD graduate student Liang Hua

Top Ten Class collective (1)

2021 level file class

Top Ten Group Branch of Shandong University (1)

Euro 2024 odds winner2021 level archives group branch

Shandong University Student May 4th Youth Science Award (collective) (1)

Jiaojia Archaeological Student Innovation Team

In addition,In the 2023 students' evaluation and evaluation work,A group of outstanding students emerged in the college,They are brave in their studies and work、Good as、Creating Better,Created the ambition high、A good campus fashion for fighting for the first time。They are:

Top Ten Communist Youth League members (1)

2022 Grade Dr. Song Puwen

Top Ten Class heads of Shandong University (1 person)

Grade 2021 archives undergraduate Li Zijie

Outstanding Students (4)

Grade 2021 Archives Fan Hua

Grade 2021 Grade III Kang Ziyi

2022 Graduate Chinese Master of Chinese History Deng Wei

Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsGrade 2022 Archaeological Ph.D. Fan Yibin

Excellent student cadres (2 people)

2021 Grade Grade Student Liu Suo

2021 Grade Master of Cultural Industry Li Jing

The college revolves around the fundamental task of implementing Lideshu people,With ideal and belief education as the core,Leading with the core values ​​of socialism,Key to comprehensively improve talent training,Focusing to cultivate the best undergraduate and graduate goals of the best undergraduate and graduate students,Continuously deepen the pilot results of the comprehensive reform of the "Three Education",Leading through demonstration、Experience sharing and learning communication,Give full play to the example for example,Building Online European Cup Football Bettinga friendly ideology,Actively create a cultural atmosphere of "learning in the mountains and growing up",Inspiration and driving the majority of students with the "big of the country",Refine yourself,Hope to be down -to -earth、Before dreaming,Contribute youth for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

[Author: Li Jing Editor: Li Hu]