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Source: Zheng Zemin, Li Hu Release time: 2024-05-26 Hits:

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May 24th to 26th,"Modern East Asian War and Historical Memory in Geopolical Political Vision" International Academic Symposium was held at Weihai Campus, Shandong University。Party Secretary of Shandong University Party Committee Ren Youqun、Park Zhixiang, Chairman of the History 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionConsortium, Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsSouth Korea, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech。The event is chaired by Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of History and Archaeological College of Shandong University。

2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction

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Ren Youqun welcomes Chinese and foreign scholars on behalf of Shandong University,and review the progress made by Shandong University in the "double first -class" construction and international exchanges,Introduced the development context of the historical discipline of Shandong University。He said,Cooperation between Shandong University and Northeast Asian History Consortium in South Korea,It will be conducive to telling a new story of Chinese and Korean cultural exchanges,New Plan for the Development of Research Cooperation,Inject new kinetic energy into the open cooperation of education,I hope that Northeast Asia History Consortium and experts and scholars from the perspective of history and practical needs,Explore the significance and feasibility plan of mutual cooperation in the Northeast Asian region,Constantly promoting peace, Euro 2024 odds winnerstability Online European Cup Football Bettingand prosperity in Northeast Asia,To serve the overall situation of China -Korea friendly cooperation、Promote the construction of a community of human destiny to contribute wisdom and strength。

Park Zhixiang reviewed the consortium and the Chinese History Research Institute、Academy of Social Sciences, Jilin Province、Academic exchanges and cooperation between Chinese scientific research institutions such as Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences,Introduce the purpose of the consortium through historical research to lay the foundation for the peace and prosperity of Northeast Asia。She pointed out,Shandong Peninsula has been an important area for China and South Korea since ancient times,Shandong University and South Korean universities have always been positive and frequent academic exchanges,I hope that scholars between the two countries through this academic seminar,Full communication,Find Simplication Different,Promoting the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two countries to achieve new progress。

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On the opening ceremony,Liu Jianya, Vice President 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionof Shandong Euro 2024 odds winnerUniversity, and Park Zhixiang signed a cooperation agreement。

The seminar launched the theme report and group discussions around the theme of the meeting。Professor Chen Shangsheng of the School of History of Shandong University with the title of "The historical memory of the two North Korea War and the Confucian political ethics" as the title report,From the perspective of Confucian political ethics, the Renchen War and Bingzi War and the historical memories of the Bingzi war and its later generations of the Korean dynasty in the 17th century,Point out that the Bingzi war is for the Ming Dynasty、Destruction of Zong Fan relations between North Korea,and the Qing Dynasty、The abnormal level of the national form between North Korea,All affect the political and historical writing of the Korean monarchs and ministers。Professor Zhao Mingzhe at the Department of History of Korea University of Korea uses the title of "The Significance of the Sino -Japanese War and Japan -Occupation of Taiwan" as the title.,Sorting out Japan's foreign strategy Euro 2024 odds winnerbefore the Sino -Japanese War、Online European Cup Football BettingThe Japanese combat plan of the Japanese army、Historical events such as the cause and effect of occupying the battle of Taiwan,Criticized the inferiority of Japan's war against the war of fans and distorted history。

The seminar received a total of more than 10 academic papers,Research content covers politics in more than 60 years from the Opium War to the Japan -Russia War、Finance、Diplomacy、Culture、Law and other aspects。Grouping seminar,Chinese and Korean scholars around the Sino -Japanese War and East Asia International Relations、Communication network during the Sino -Japanese War of the Sino -Japanese War、Beiyang Marine Division Construction,and the issues of China -Foreign Diploma involved in East Asian relations in modern East Asian relations。

During the meeting,Scholars from China and South Korea went to Liu Gong Island and the Chinese Sino -Japanese War Museum for field inspection,Carrying out Seminar for China -Korea Cooperation Exchange,For the construction of the two parties in Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsthe academic institution in the future、Online European Cup Football BettingAcademic Research and Exchanges and other cooperations have been discussed。Dean of the School of History of Shandong University Hosting Guo Xi Hai Huan Guo Xi Huan's closing ceremony。

This seminar was from Shandong University、China Sino -Japanese War Museum · National Revolutionary Cultural Relics Collaborative Research Center、Hosted by Northeast Asian History Consortium in Korea,From the History Consortium of Northeast Asia, South Korea、The Institute of Military History of the Ministry of Defense、Changyuan University, South Korea、Korean University、Shandong University、China Sino -Japanese War Museum and other universities in China and South Korea、More than 30 leaders of the research institution、Scholars attended the seminar。