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In order to further improve the level of news writing and news photography of teachers and students in the college,On the afternoon of May 30,College of History、Archaeological College and Museum Hold the second phase of administrative capacity improvement.,Liu Yikang, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the School of the School,Each party branch of the college Online European Cup Football Bettingis responsible 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionfor propaganda work and staff members of all agencies to participate in this event。

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Liu Yikang takes the title of "Sharing of" News Writing and Picture Photography Experience ",I made a rich content report for the participating teachers and students,Share the related content of news writing and picture photography and publicity。In terms of news writing,Liu Yikang introduced the principles that campus news should follow and the basic elements that constitute the news,Focusing on the school news example, explaining the news title、Introduction、The main body and end writing method 2024 European Cup Live Online European Cup Football BettingScore Predictionand precautions; in terms of news photography,Introduced the meeting category、Activity category、The characteristics of the three types of common news photography scenarios in the survey category,Combined with news picture examples and experiences to explain the shooting methods of three types of scenes and post -processing and editing of news pictures, respectively。

This lecture was highly evaluated by the college teachers and students,Everyone said unanimously,This lecture has strong practicality and operability,It has great guidance value for news writing and news photography。Next step,The college will Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipscontinue Online European Cup Football Bettingto organize a series of activities to improve administrative capabilities,Help the college teachers and students improve comprehensive literacy and business capabilities,For the History Institute、Archaeological College and Museum's development of various undertakings to make greater contributions。