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For the solid promotion of party discipline learning and education deeply,Taking the case as the police as the police bell,On the morning of June 21,The Party Committee of the College of History and Archaeological College organized party members and cadres to go to the second women's prison in Shandong Province to carry out on -site warning education。Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee, led the team,Members of some leadership team of "two houses and one Online European Cup Football BettingEuro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsmuseum"、Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Party Branch of the Teaching and Workers、Member of the Party Branch participated in this event。

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Guidance explained by prison managers,All personnel visited the Prison Ideological and Political Center、Education Correction Center、Prisoners are detained in prison、Labor Reconstruction Workshop and other places,Listening to the appearance of the prisoner's appearance,Comprehensive and in -depth understanding of prison management、Culture Construction、Skills Training、Educational transformation, etc.。In the center of the cultural Online European Cup Football BettingEuro 2024 Football Predictions 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionand Betting Tipsand sports,Everyone watched the scenario drama "Repentance"、Poetry and sound painting "Fire",Report on the results of precision education transformation of prison staff。The contact of "Zero distance" makes everyone really feel the solemn and majesty of the party discipline and state law and the painful price of illegal crimes,further sounding the alarm clock of refusal to prevent corruption and degeneration。

Through this on -site warning education,Participants have a deeper understanding of the significance of in -depth development of party discipline learning from the depths of their thoughts and souls,Everyone said,We must consciously 2024 European Cup Live Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsScore Predictionstrengthen party discipline learning,Continuously strengthen discipline consciousness and regulations,Conscious respect of party discipline regulations、firm executor、Faithful defender,Internalizing the rules and regulations into ideological consciousness and action consciousness,Always be loyal and clean,Highlighting new responsibilities in a good environment for creating a good political ecology and entrepreneurial entrepreneurship、Showing a new actions。