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June 25,The School of History held all faculty meetings,Summary of various work in the spring of 2024,Deployment arrangements for summer and autumn Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipssemester work。Dean Dai Guoxi attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee chaired the meeting。

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Will on the way,Team members are undergraduate teaching、Laboratory construction、International Exchange、Platform construction and scientific research、Graduate Teaching、Student education management and main work of the party and government summarized and sorted out。Focus on the recent declaration of teaching reform and scientific research projects、Party discipline learning education、Graduate employment、Safety and other work has been arranged and deployed。

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Dai Guoxi affirmed the results of the college in all aspects this semester。He pointed out,December 2023 Institute of History and Culture was converted into the School of History,Archaeological Department is divided into the formation of archeological school,It marks that the development 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionof the college has entered a new stage of development。For the past few months,The college conscientiously implements the requirements of school work deployment,Welcome to the 15th Party Member Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shandong University with a strong mental state,Through the streamlined management mechanism,Strengthen talent introduction,Promoting platform construction,Striving for development resources and other measures,Favorite conditions for the new bureau of the college's opening of the new bureau。

To ensure the smooth development of various work in the autumn semester,Dai Guoxi emphasized,The first is to consciously position the historical responsibility,Disciplinary Development Mission。To promote the academic team in all aspects、Scientific Research Base、Course educating people、Textbook Construction、Talent selection and other 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionconstruction work,Efforts to build a world -class historical discipline,Make more and more historic contributions to the "Shan University School" for promoting the construction of a philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics。The second is to adhere to the academic establishment and talents,Inheritance and promoting the excellent learning style of "literature and history"。The college will set up a system through the establishment system、Building a platform、Cultivation Project、Talents of introduction to create a wind and clear gas、A positive academic environment,Condensing academic advantage direction,Talent echelon construction work for traditional disciplines。Third, multiple measures,Strengthen the construction of first -class undergraduate majors and degree points。To further strengthen undergraduate teaching,Focus on improving the 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictioneffectiveness of Lideshu people,To actively promote and improve all aspects of graduate training,Create the standardization of graduate training、Specialization and science。Fourth is activation resources,Provide motivation for the high -quality development of the college。The college will actively use and use the platform advantage of the National Revolutionary Cultural Relics Collaborative Research Center of Shandong University -China Sino -Japanese War Museum,Schedule the resources inside and outside the school,Courage to bear the cultural mission of the new era,Great breakthroughs in service and integration of the country and local development。

Liu Jun pointed out in his speech,History Institute in the new development stage,There is an advantage、There is a challenge,Talent introduction、Student training、Resource acquisition and other aspects have achieved gratifying results,It Online European Cup Football Bettinglaid a solid foundation for the development of the college。She emphasizes,All faculty and staff must closely surround the fundamental task of Lide Tree people,Further improve the quality of education and teaching,Strengthening the construction of a teacher morality,Actively participate in the college work,Actively assume their respective responsibilities,Unity、Clear direction,Get greater results in the development of the college。

All faculty and staff of the School of History attended the meeting.


[Author: Zhao Ya]