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Notice Announcement

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According to the relevant provisions of the undergraduate hospital,Combined with the specific actual situation of the college,The specific arrangements for receiving undergraduates to receive undergraduates transfer Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsprofessional examinations in the autumn semester of 2023 are announced as follows:

1、According to school、The requirements and conditions of the college's transfer professional,Pass the strict qualification review process,List of personnel who are allowed to take the transfer professional examination are as follows。

serial number

Learning Number


Apply to transfer to professional



Li Jiaqi




Deng Yujie


2. Exam time

November 23, 2023 12: 40-13: 20。

3, the test location

Central Campus, Zhixin 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionBuilding, Block A 1117.

Please arrive outside the test room 10 minutes in advance,If the course conflict problem,You can contact the staff to coordinate time。

4. Exam method

offline interview.

5. Note

1. Candidates please bring my ID card on the day of the exam、The original student ID was used to verify the identity,Participants who do not be on time deepen to give up automatically。

2. Candidates need to fill in the "Integrity Examination for Undergraduate Student Integrity of Shandong University" (see attachment Euro 2024 odds winnerfor details),Take a paper signature version on the day of the exam and submit it to the staff of the test room。

6. Contact information

Contact number: 15169031152.

Contact: Teacher Chen.