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morning March 22,Professor Euro 2024 odds winnerTakada Koyan, an expert in modern Chinese history research experts from the Ministry of Literature of the Ministry of Literature in Japan, was invited to give a special lecture on the teachers and students of the School of History of Shandong University and the School of Archeology.,The lecture was chaired by Professor Liu Jiafeng of the School of History。

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At the beginning of the lecture,Professor Takata introduced the Chinese history research overview in Japanese academics in Chinese,Analysis of the differences and contacts of Japanese history education and Chinese history education for students。Professor Takata mentioned that Japanese history and sciences are usually divided into three fields,History of Japan、East History (Eastern History) and Western History (Western History),and Euro 2024 odds winnerfocus on mentioning that Toyo is a world centered on China。Subsequent,Mr. Takata introduced the research in Chinese history for the students,What position does the research of modern Chinese history be in this question,explained how the research on Chinese modern history in Japan produced on the basis of Japanese history research in Japan。Methods on the study of Chinese history in Japan,Professor Takata thinks,In addition to studying Chinese historical materials、Outside the study style of empirical analysis,Japanese scholars adhere to the spirit of criticality,Do not follow national policy,It is also an important feature to analyze Chinese society。Last,Mr. Takata combed the problems of the way of training Chinese modern history researchers in the Japanese academic Online European Cup Football Bettingcommunity,He emphasizes that most of the Ministry of Literature of Japanese University has historical disciplines。but,Most undergraduate graduates will choose to enter private enterprises to work,Or becoming a civil servant of the central and local governments,and historical teachers in junior high school or high school,There are some differences with the employment method of Chinese graduates。

At the end of the lecture,Professor Liu Jiafeng conducted a review and extension explanation for the talks of the talks of the intercom,and guide students to interact with Professor Takata,Emphasize that you need to learn more about Japanese scholars' historical data excavation and empirical style。In interactive link,Students actively ask questions,Professor Takata explained one by one,Active atmosphere at the scene。

Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsTakada Xingnan,Professor of Literature Department of Meiji University、Deputy Director of the History Information Center of Meiji University、(Japan) President of the Asian Education History Society、(Japan) Toyo Library House Researcher。The history of literature research science of Meiji University has specially attacked PhD courses,As a senior advanced student in the Chinese government scholarship, a senior student studying in Nanjing University。The main research areas are the social history of modern China、History of East Asia Education Exchange in modern times、History of Chinese Education。Recently published "Study Abroad in Japan-Japan Study in Japan from 1935-1936", "From Wang Qingmu< 农隐庐日记>Look at the movement and time of modern China-mainly from February 1919 to Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsFebruary 1921 "" Investigation of Chinese and Japanese Journalists in the 1930s-Investigation of the Megaco Higher Research Section of the Meiji University "," Chinese Education Education "," Chinese Education Education " Realm and First World War -about the understanding of World War I and its influence "and other academic papers; participated in the writing and editing academic works such as" Modern Chinese History (2nd Edition) "," Modern Asian Students and Meiji University "。