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Recently,Renmin University of China Honorary First -level Professor、Professor Professor Wang Ziming of the School of History of Northwest University made a special lecture entitled "The World of Qin and Han Children's World" for teachers and students of Shandong University。The lecture was chaired by Professor Dai Guoxi, Dean of the School of History of Shandong University。

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Lecture content includes "pediatrician" and "infant prescription"、Primary School: Tongmeng Education、"Holy Boys" and "Prodigy"、Xiang 橐 Story、About Qin "Boy"、Childhood Hu Hai's prank and related problems、Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsHan Dynasty "Children's Opera"、Eight aspects of Qin and Han Labor Children。

At the beginning of the lecture,Professor Professor Professor Professor Focus on the "Pediatrician" in the Qin and Han dynasties,Bian is used to adapt to the needs of society through the Biography of Historical Records of Bian Kang Public,Tour the deeds of the development of "pediatric doctors" in various countries,Sort on the development of pediatric medicine in the Qin and Han dynasties。By combing the prodigy story of the Han Dynasty,Professor Wang Ziming pointed out,The society at that time was generally paid more attention to reading and learning,It should be a cultural and historical factors that appear in the larger area Euro 2024 odds winnerof ​​prodigies。Han society has a relatively active "juvenile" spirit that advocates and aggressive forgeness,It may also be one of the conditions that can occur and spread in the story of the prodigy。In addition,Professor Professor Professor Taking Xiang as an example,It is pointed out that the story of the prodigy of the Han Dynasty contains quite rich cultural information,was a reflection of the social and cultural atmosphere and the spirit of the times at that time。

After that,Professor Wang Ziming discussed the record of Qin's "Boy" recorded in the literature,It is pointed out that it reflects the development of the Qin Kingdom's human resources,Greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and energy Euro 2024 odds winnerof the whole society,It is an important guarantee for the Qin unification of the six kingdoms。Jia Yi "New Book" records the related deeds of Hu Hai in childhood,It reflects that later generations involved the attention of the education and administrative ability training of the governors when criticizing Qin Zheng。Professor Professor Professor also takes the "children's drama" and labor children in the Qin and Han dynasties,Interpretation of a large number of unearthed cultural relic images,Restore the pictures of children's life during the Qin and Han dynasties。

Professor Dai Guoxi said in a summary speech,Professor Professor Professor's Lecture Crossing,Research content keeps close to Online European Cup Football Bettingsocial hot issues,With deep academic skills and keen perception ability,It is worth learning every teacher and student。In the interactive link,Teachers and students were discussed on related issues,Professor Wang Ziming made a detailed answer。