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In the afternoon of April 26,The School of History of Shandong University held "Renchen War Special Lecture",Professor of 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionBritish Columbia (UBC) in British Canada, Nam-lin Hur, was entitled "The military food of the 16th century when the Japanese invasion of the Korean War in the 16th century、Fire Thrigless and Governance Issues "topic lectures。The lecture was chaired by Professor Chen Shangsheng of the School of History of Shandong University。

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Professor Xu Nanlin mentioned,Troops scale、Materials、Weapons are the basic elements of determining combat effectiveness,How to combine these elements、Operation and play combat power on the battlefield,Very worthy of attention。For this,Professor Xu Nanlin recruits from the army、Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsOperation and strategy、Military material transport、Weapon procurement operations departs,During the "Ding Yi Re -Chaos" period, the Ming Dynasty、North Korea、The situation of the Three Kingdoms in Japan started discussions。

Recruitment in the army、Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsOperation and strategy issues,Professor Xu Nanlin thinks,Military operations of the Ming Dynasty slow,Disease with the Ming Dynasty Health Office、Weaken of military power、Fiscalities and other reasons are closely related。North Korea has the decline of voices in the period of "Ding Ye Re -Re -Re -Chaos"、Martial arts groups are not appealing chaos。Japan absorbs "trial and error" and experience in 1592,From decentralized combat to concentrated offensive。On the issue of military material transportation,Professor Xu Nanlin thinks,Ming Dynasty worked hard to raise military food from China,However, in joint operations with North Korea, it has been greatly restricted by North Korea's transportation capabilities。The low transportation capacity of North Korea is related to its ritual governance,So when "Ding Yi Battle",North Korea attempts to pay a paid 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionway,Improvement of the recruitment of the delivery person。Japan also has problems with insufficient labor,This is related to its local administrative organization and governance,And,Because of worrying about cold and lack of grain,Japan has always focused on the attack of the attack in southern North Korea,When the food grabbing incident of the North Korean people occurs。On the issue of weapon procurement and operation,Professor Xu Nanlin thinks,The Ming Army could not transport a large number of artillery to the front line; the level of domestic land weapons was extremely weak,Therefore, the Ming army rely on the Ming army; the Japanese army mostly use small weapons,Single weapon combat advantage exceeds the Ming army。

In the exchange and discussion link,Professor Xu Nanlin on the "Relationship with the identity system and the North Korean identity system" proposed by the teachers and students Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsat the scene、Japanese army gathered historical evidence of southern North Korea、Whether there are books circulating on the military transportation line、The relationship between North Korean businessmen and military food transport、Ding Ye's reconnaissance experience comparison of military governance experience and other issues,Give a wonderful response。He also mentioned,Military mobilization and financial tax、Class structure, etc. are all related; historical records are subjective,Differences between historical records and actual action,Even there is no lack of concealment,We must pass the perspective of others、Especially the records of the dependent person to verify。

Last,Professor Chen Shangsheng summarized this lecture。Professor Chen Shangsheng pointed out,The core topic of this lecture lies in the formation and exertion of the combat effectiveness of the Middle East Asian Euro 2024 odds winnerarmy in the Renchen War,In particular, the level of the Ming army's military mobilization and many problems existing in the Chinese and North Korean military cooperation。Professor Xu Nanlin's opposite、Korean、Comparison of military governance and military mobilization of the Three Kingdoms,Very forward -looking,It also provides researchers with a more macro view。We want to establish a problem consciousness,Combined with literature reading and field survey,can better play the infinite charm of the history of war history。

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School of History of Shandong University、Some teachers and students of the Confucian Higher Research Institute attended the lecture。