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Source: Text/Huang Xu, Qiu Shan Poems/Wan Ruizhen Release time: 2024-05-30 Hits:

May 29th,The major project Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsof the Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsNational Social Science Foundation of the National Social Science Fund, the Chief Expert of History of Shandong University, "Collection of Renchen War Historical Materials、Solving、Translation and Research "Conclusion Appraisal will be held in the central campus。Director of Shandong Social Sciences Office Xu Mingbo、Director Su Wenjun,Han Jishao, deputy dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Shandong University、Deputy Director Wang Yadi attended the meeting。Conclusion Appraisal Expert Group is Professor Xie Bizhen from Fujian Normal University、Professor Liu Xiaodong, South China Normal University、Professor Zhang Yongjiang, Renmin University of China、Professor Yang Yuli, Zhejiang University、Composition of Professor Liu Yonglian, Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsJinan Online European Cup Football BettingUniversity,Professor Xie Bizhen served as the leader of the expert group。The meeting was chaired by Xu Mingbo, director of the Shandong Social Sciences Office。

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Will on the way,Professor Chen Shangsheng of the project Professor Chen Shangsheng from the overall implementation of the project、Data sorting and compilation、Research results content and academic response have been made in detail。After 6 years of the research group,Complete "Renchen War (1592-1598) Historical Materials Compilation" 17 volumes,7.26 million words,According to the historical materials of the Ming and Qing Dynasties、Historical Materials of the Korean Times、Japan's existing war records, including three parts, arrange and organize,cover the official history book of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Korean Online European Cup Football Online European Cup Football BettingBettingdynasty、A variety of materials such as the relevant documents written by the parties to the Ming Dynasty and the North Korean war and the ancient documents of the ancient documents of the Japanese generals,Especially the information of Hou Wen in ancient Japan,Make up the domestic historical blank of Japanese historical materials on this war。During the project execution period,Published 16 articles in the research group,Published 2 papers; 2017-2019,Hosted the "Renchen War History Research" series (international) academic workshop for three consecutive years,Established a distinctive academic brand in China; at the same time,Graduate workshops such as Chinese and foreign relations with the history of Chinese and foreign relations,Cultivate academic newcomers,Build an academic exchange Online European Cup Football BettingEuro 2024 odds winnerplatform,strengthened academic dialogue at home and abroad。

In the evaluation and questioning link,The expert group highly affirms the academic value and practical significance of the project results,I believe that this set of Renchen War Historical Materials Compilation is to handle the historical material of Renchen War with historical materialist views,Persist in in -depth understanding of history、The attitude of recognizing history and respecting history,Pay attention to the original document of the important parties to collect and organize the war,Show through the school method,Highness of its literature correlation、Typicality of historical materials、Elected difficulty of point school,Is the most magnificent scale in the current academic circles、The most open 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionvision、The most complete Euro 2024 odds winnerinformation of the system iconic results。

The expert group also adjusts fonts at the same time、Index writing and other aspects of optimization suggestions,and hope that the research team will be based on the existing research,Publish this result as soon as possible; if conditions are conditional,Further promote the construction of the historical data database of the Renchen War。

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