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May 17-22, 2024,Professor Han Jishao was invited to New York, USA,Attending the 23rd anniversary of the "Declaration of the World Culture Diversity" in commemorating the United Nations Teaching and Art Organization,Participate in the United Nations "World Cultural Diversity -Laozi Taoism Culture" International Summit Forum。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

During the forum,Professor Han Jishao presided over the main report,and made a conference report entitled "A Study of a Fourcetury Euro 2024 odds winnerJourney to The South China Sea",Discussion on the important academic value of the history and geography of the early South China Sea and the Maritime Silk Road under the Eastern Jin Dynasty Ge Hong Nanhai Travel Notes "Taiqing Golden Liquid God Sini",attracted the high attention of the participating scholars。

"World Cultural Diversity -Laozi Taoism Culture" International Summit Forum is by the United Nations World Cultural Diversity Declaration Activity Organizing Committee、Oriental Renaissance Global Alliance (United States)、Laozi Taoist Culture Research Association (China) co -sponsored,It aims to commemorate the 23rd Anniversary of the Publishing of the World Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsCulture Diversity,Expansion of the cultural influence of Laozi Taoism,Promote the excellent traditional culture of China,Promoting international cultural exchanges and cooperation。From Shandong University, China、Fudan University、Nankai University、Lanzhou University、Shenzhen University and other universities and the United States、More than 30 scholars from Türkiye and other countries participated in the forum,"The Characteristics of World Culture Diversity and Chinese Culture", "The content of Laozi Taoism Culture and its contemporary value", "Taoism and Taoism about the cultural diversity Euro 2024 odds winnerof cultural diversity", "the philosophy of Taoism and Taoism、The concept of governing the country、Moral Education and its influence "" Dao Taoism's Medicine and Health、Health Health、Psychological treatment methods and practice "" Taoist Taoism in the development direction of the contemporary world "and other issues have started a warm discussion。After the meeting,Participants visited the United Nations Headquarters,and a discussion with relevant United Nations staff。

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