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Online European Cup Football BettingIn the afternoon of June 3,Professor Jin Bingjun, the Discipline of Toyo History of Seoul University in South Korea as a guest at the School of History of Shandong University,Academic lectures entitled "My Lelang County Research: The main clue of East Asia Perspective" for the teachers and students of the college。The lecture was chaired by Professor Dai Guoxi of the School of History。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

At the beginning of the lecture,Professor Kim Bingjun starts from the current content and scope of the research on "Toyo History" in South Korea,Reflection of the current splitting of "East History" and "Korean History" in the current Korean academic community,It is believed that it should be transformed from "East History" to "East Asia History",Restore the generality and linkage of the entire East Asia。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsAfter that,Professor Jin Bingjun combined with his own research,Take Lelang County as an example,Surround "Bian County"、"Border" concept、"Foreign Trade form" and "the popularity of Chinese characters and the administration of Chinese characters" and other issues have explained。Judging from the "Four years of the first year of the first Yuan County of Lelang County" unearthed in Pyongyang,Bian County, represented by Lelang,Whether in administrative organization、Law use is still in terms of document administration,Both have high consistency with the Mainland。Another,In the past research, most of the concepts of modern border were applied to the understanding of the ancient "border",But there are two borders "old" and "new ground" in the Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsQin and Han dynasties,There are many unbroken indigenous peoples in the meter,This is not contradictory with the implementation of the county system in the border。Based on the records of Xuanquan Hanjian and "Jin Shu",It can be found that the trade form of Lelang County and the country is not different from other parts of the Han Dynasty,This "make trade" model runs through the Western Regions、Korean Peninsula、Japan and Southeast Asia。and the establishment of the county system,The administrative system of Chinese characters and documents is also popularized,"The Analects" unearthed from Zhenbaidong, Pyongyang is a good example。

Previous discussion as the basis,Professor Jin Bingjun pointed out the significance of Lelang County in the history of the ancient Korean Online European Cup Football BettingPeninsula。One aspect,Lelang County filled the Korean Peninsula for more than 400 years after the ancient North Korea's historical gaps,On the other hand,Han culture from Lelang County,It also greatly affected the subsequent Goguryeo、Silla and other countries。This influence is mainly reflected in the production of the tips、Popularization of document format、Fusion in the form of stone murals、The promulgation of the law and the design of the capital。

Last,Professor Jin Bingjun reiterated,Should break the history of Korean、Academic barriers between Toyo History,Explore ancient East Asia as an organic connection as a whole。In research,It should be separated from the constraints of the modern national framework,Pursuing the historicity of recovery at that time。

Professor on behalf of 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionthe Guo Guoxi for summary,Professor Kim Bingjun from East Asia as the perspective,Based on different academic history background,A new interpretation and interpretation of existing historical materials,Its problem consciousness and thinking perspective is worth learning from learning。In the interactive discussion session,Teachers and students at the scene also discussed with Professor Jin on related issues,Professor Jin made a detailed answer。

2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction