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Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

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On the afternoon of June 6,Vice President of the German History Research Association、Deputy Dean of the School of History of Nanjing University、Director of the Digital History Research Center, Professor Wang Tao, was invited to conduct a special lecture entitled "Is the History in the Times of Artificial Intelligence in the Times of Artificial Intelligence" for the teachers and students of the History of Shandong University。Professor Dai Guoxi, Dean of the School of History attended the event。The lecture was chaired by Professor Qu Chunmei, deputy dean of the School of History。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

At the beginning of the lecture,Wang Tao briefly introduced the development iterative iteration of Euro 2024 odds winnerChat GPT and the effectiveness of the large language model。After that,He clarified the adaptability of the generation AI and historical writing: the working principle of artificial intelligence is similar to historians,Get data/historical materials、Data/historical data analysis or learning、Feedback Learning Results。Artificial intelligence is the same as history,Knowing from the past,Get new knowledge for the future。Next,He tells the value of the big model to the use of historians。It enriches historian's toolbox,If you are sorting the literature、Query information、Translation、Moisturizing and other aspects will play a positive role。But at the same time,Wang Tao uses an example to 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionshow that the same problem uses different big models to calculate the results completely differently,Indicates the results of artificial intelligence output also need to be identified。After that,Wang Tao discussed the trap of digital historical materials in the era of big models,such as false information、Digital gap、No new knowledge outside the model、The generally talked about tactical tone、Accuracy is difficult to judge、Unable to retrospective and other questions。Big model compression knowledge is also a major controversy for loss and compression。Wang Tao actually mentioned that the large model cannot defeat humanity in historical research: lack of "life experience"。Life experience and academic research cannot be split,Researchers Online European Cup Football Bettingshould definitely not be "closed in the study,Sit in a chair,Chen Rotten people who are outside of life,The core competitiveness of historians lies in the sense of history。Humanities Discipline is a study of people,Thinking of historical issues must be consistent with humanity。Subsequent,Wang Tao proposed that it is a big challenge to conduct historical teaching in the generation AI era,It should be returned to the original intention of historical research,pursue the truth、Exercise thinking。When a historical researcher returns to this pursuit,Human models will be invincible with big models。

2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction

In interactive link,Teachers and students participating in the lecture on the role of artificial intelligence Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsin the research、The use of artificial intelligence in the European and American circles、Artificial Intelligence Auxiliary Teaching、Can artificial intelligence ask a question for researchers、The influence of the language on the results of the language of artificial intelligence conducted a discussion and discussion with Professor Wang Tao。Qu Chunmei's intercom The contents of the intercom Summary。