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In the afternoon of June 13,Professor Sun Jiazhou, School of History of Renmin University of China, was invited to make a special lecture entitled "The New Information and" Dai Ma "of the Teachers and Students of the History of Shandong University for the teachers and students of the History of Shandong University,The lecture was chaired by Professor Dai Guoxi of the School of History。

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At the beginning of the lecture,Professor Sun Jiazhou sorted out the materials involved in "Ma Zheng" in Yuelu Qin Jian's "Golden cloth law",It is pointed out that the existence of the "teeth" and height of the Qin Dynasty is standard,Regulations for prohibiting 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionthe unsteady horses,Its purpose is to ensure that the government can make the horses in a longer -term service。Regulations on horses,It also reflects the refinement of Qin Lu。Professor Sun Jiazhou also takes the "horse name" material seen by Xuanquan Han Jian as an example,Discuss the different forms of horses naming in the Han Dynasty。

Second,Professor Sun Jiazhou set off from the story of Emperor Wen's "Nine Jun" into Changan from "Xijing Miscellaneous",Combined with the beginning of Han Dynasty and archeological materials,Affirmation of the credibility of this record,and point out this kind of Han -Hungarian cultural exchange with "horse" as the medium,At that time, it existed for a long time。

Based on the above discussion,Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipscombined with Qian Mu、The point of view of scholars such as the prince today,Professor Sun Jiazhou analyzed the fundamental reason why ancient times attaches importance to "Ma Zheng" — the horse is the "Bing Bing's Top"。At the same time,Professor Sun Jiazhou also ordered two cultural phenomena existing in the Han Dynasty: one is that "phase equestrian" is particularly developed; the other is that the art of styling with horses is particularly remarkable。

Next,Professor Sun Jiazhou elaborated the meaning and historical evolution of the term "Dai Ma"。He pointed out,The original meaning of "Dai Ma" refers to the steed produced by the site。This word has appeared during the pre -Qin period,closely Euro 2024 odds winnerrelated to war attack,Often regarded as "Battlefield"。But later,This word gradually transformed into a common regional complex for northerners,Concrete as a local thinking,Then it is pinned on the "anti -war" consciousness。Changes in the meaning of "Dai Ma",It is a special level in the process of integration of nomadic nomadic people and the Central Plains farming people。

Professor Dai Guoxi said when summarizing,The previous research on Qin and Han Ma Zheng mainly focused on the historical level of the system,Teacher Sun Jiazhou's unique approach,Analysis of this issue from the perspective of cultural history,Its perspective and ideas are worth learning from learning。In the interactive Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsdiscussion session,Teachers and students at the scene also exchanged with Professor Sun Jiazhou on related issues,Professor Sun made detailed answers。