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On the morning of June 13,Associate Professor of History Institute of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、The current director of the Digital History Research Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsCenter of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xiang Jing was invited to give a lecture for teachers and students of the School of History of Shandong University,Title "Database Construction in the Ming Dynasty Research: Methods and Cases"。The lecture was hosted by the associate researcher of Cao Jincheng of the School of History。

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At the beginning of the lecture,Xiang Jingji in the digital humanities of the National Social Science Fund and the Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education from 2010-2023、Research historical phenomena and the establishment of historical issues, as well,Hook out in recent years,Especially in the past 2-3 years, the number of historical database construction has increased rapidly and the status quo of the study of historical database construction and historical issues in multi -disciplinary。Pointing to Jingjing,Database construction is the basis and key point of research historical phenomena and problems in the field Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsof digital humanities。Xiang Jing also "Matthew Effect" in the field of database construction in Xiangjing、How to produce more meaningful historical data and the topics that historians may face when leading database construction, and share their own thinking with teachers and students。

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Subsequent,I introduced to the teachers and students to teachers and students, "" Biography Database (CBDB) "、Data Volume of well -known databases such as the "Mingren Information Plan (MLP)"、Information Source、The main information presented and the basic technical principles of its construction of a character relationship network,Cain with Ke Rong、Wang Yuhua、Quantitative studies of scholars such as Peter K. Bol) as an example,Explanation of quantitative research using the advantages of explanatory means and quantitative research when the number of means is summarized and processing information.。Shi Jing also pointed out,"Agent" has the credibility of 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionthe research,Essentially the level that needs to be considered when quantifying historical problems、The reasonable problem of logic and methods。From this,Introducing the concept of "metadata" in database construction to Jingjing,and combined with Wu Tao's "Ming Dynasty Price Database" and other cases,It is pointed out that the metadata design of the historical database should fully absorb the structure of the historian for the internal literature、layer、Related understanding and imagination,Make the database finally served the overall and details of the research process。

Xiang Jing combined with specific cases,Share it to teachers and students to enter the use of manual manual enrollment,python、Regular expression and other procedures、Machine learning and big language models、Specific methods and methods for artificial intelligence to build databases。

In interactive link,The teachers and students participating in the lecture Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipson the current status and prospects of the construction of the Manwen database,History、Historical database construction co -participating in multiple disciplines and other disciplines and database construction of various disciplines,The relationship between quantitative research and qualitative research in the digital humanities field,and quantitative research in the large -scale literature with low value of single -piece historical materials with problems and other issues with insufficiency and discussion of exchanges with Xiangjing Exhibition。

Xiangjing,Associate Professor of History Institute of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Master Student mentor。Doctor of History at Peking University,Harvard University visiting scholars。Current Director of Digital History Research Center of the University of China,Part -time Deputy Secretary -General of the Palace Museum Research Center。Currently mainly engaged in the research of political Online European Cup Football Bettinghistory and local social history of the Ming Dynasty,His Humanities and Social Science Fund in the Ministry of Education、The Youth British Talent Plan for Higher School in Beijing、Beijing Education Commission、Social Sciences University -level liberal arts laboratory construction and other topic projects。Published a lot of papers,Published translation "Writing of the Chinese Empire Fang Zhi、Publishing and Reading: 1100-1700 "(Shanghai People's Publishing House 2022 Edition)。