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The "concept of the" World in the World "in the Song Dynasty in the Song Dynasty" in the "Chinese History and Grounds" of the 2020 doctoral student in ancient Chinese history in our hospital was officially published in "Chinese History Theory" 2024。This article analyzes the concepts and expressions of various "in the world" that appears and developed Euro 2024 odds winnerin the Song Dynasty.,It is pointed out that the old concepts of Luoyang as "in the middle" during the Song Dynasty still have a great impact,But there are also a lot of emerging "Mediterranean" concepts,Among them, the most historical materials in "Yue Terrace" are the most、Discussions Wide,It was even used for official expressions。This phenomenon is placed in the Confucian rejuvenation movement since the Tang and Song dynasties,Emphasizing the interpretation of the Song people's concept of emerging "Mediterranean" is extremely practical,Euro 2024 odds winnerThe question of the traditional "Luoyi Land" is also full of practical concern,And believes that this highlights the doctrine of the scholarly thinking of the Song Dynasty、Blend of value selection and political considerations。

"Chinese Historical Place theoretical Cong" is the head of the Ministry of Education、Hosted by Shaanxi Normal University、History and Geographic major academic journals edited and published by the Northwest Historical Environment and Economic and Social Development Research Institute of Shaanxi Normal University。Euro 2024 odds winnerMainly publishing important achievements and the latest progress articles on the research on historical geography research in China。

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