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Recently,In the selection of "Top Ten Communist Youth League Members" in Shandong University in 2023,Dr. Song Puwen, a doctoral student at the School of Archeology, was awarded Shandong University's "Top Ten Communist Youth League Members" in 2023,The Bachelor of History University 2021 Archives was evaluated by Shandong University in 2023 "Top Ten Group Branch"。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

Songpuwen,Grade 2022 Doctoral Student,Member of the Communist Party of China,Since 2016, I entered the archeological major of Shandong University,Bow in practice,Deep farming field,Young archaeological people committed to promoting the excellent traditional culture of China。State Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips-evaluated Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipscountry、More than 80 provincial and municipal honors won the national scholarship,I won first -class scholarships for six consecutive years。Persist in volunteer service,Focus on inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture of China,Actively spread archeological results,Tell the Chinese story of the new era。Once awarded the 13th Chinese Youth Volunteer Excellent Personal Award。

Bachelor 2021 Archives Branch of History College,Around "File" as the base、Building the soul with "gear"、Qi Zhi、Breeding the heart with "file",Participate in a micro narrative instead of Hongda ideological and political classroom,Organize "‘ file ’, I hear your voice、‘File’ I see your historical Euro 2024 odds winnerbranch Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsactivities have been evaluated for two consecutive years for two consecutive years;,Organize academic debate races,The branch students published 2 papers in the core journal of Peking University's core journal "File and Construction",1 person participates in Shandong Social Sciences Planning Project,3 people served as a RUC student researcher; the branch students normalized the 13 provincial and municipal archives,Won the first prize of school -level in the national university archives competition、National Outstanding Award; 32 items of students' cadres inside and outside the school,Participate in more than 180 volunteer services; the branch sets a psychological mailbox and a teacher -student Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipstree hole,Online European Cup Football BettingPlanning to carry out 15 psychological health、Safety theme lectures。The branch has been rated from Shandong University Excellent Study Class、Advanced Group Branch、Five -star group branch,Top Ten Class collective,Given the collective class of provincial -level advanced class,Branch students have won more than 200 items,National level 9 times、119 people at the school level。

The School of History and Archaeological Institute adheres to the fundamental task of "Lide Shi",Deepen "Three Education",Reinforcement example demonstration function,Leading the new era and the new youth's positive spiritual appearance with the story of the youth struggle of excellent collective and individual,Euro 2024 odds winnerConstantly 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionstrengthen leadership、Consolidate organizational power、Enhance service,Unity leads the majority of young students to contribute youth for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。