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April 4,On the occasion of the Qingming Festival,The Party Branch of the Institute of History and the Archaeological College organized more than 30 volunteers for flower donation activities,Revisit history in this way,Remembering Pioneer。

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Student representative cleaning statues

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Student representative Zhang Haocheng speaks

9:30 am,Students gathered in front of the statue of the "Eight Horse Same Tank",Hands with flowers,Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting TipsSmooth expression。Before the start of the event,Everyone is doing cleaning around the statue,Carefully remove the dust on the statue of the predecessors。Subsequent,Student representative 2022 undergraduate Zhang Haocheng delivered a speech,Detailed introductions to the life of eight Mr. and excellent academic achievements,Leading those who are led back to the years of the prosperous period of history。This is not only a review of history,It is a kind of spur and incentive for post -learning,I hope that students can adhere to the legacy of the sages,2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionStudy forward,Diligence to learn。After the speech is over,Undergraduates volunteers step forward in turn,Dedicated the flowers in my hand to the sages,Express respect。After the flower offering ceremony is completed,Students bowed to their ancestors again,To express deep nostalgia and sorrow。

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Students bow to their ancestors to respect

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Acting for flowers

The purpose of this event is to review the glorious process,Thinking of outstanding ancestors。We remember the grace and contribution of academic predecessors,Respect its lofty character,Controls its immortal Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsspirit。Acting for flowers,Not only simply etiquette,It is more cultural inheritance and promotion。The outstanding deeds of the eight professors,will always motivate future generations,Climbing the peak on the academic road,constantly pursuing excellence,Study forward。