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Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tips

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​​In the afternoon of April 25,Undergraduate undergraduate students at the 2022 archives at the School of History of Shandong University, under the leadership of Teacher Qu Chunmei and Teacher Wang Ning, go to the Shandong Museum to carry out practical teaching。This event mainly focuses on the content of the course of "Digital Memory Theory and Practice",It aims to plan through the exhibition project through learning the Shandong Museum、Show Design、The concepts and methods of digital technology application,Deepen the understanding of digital memory。Xu Wenchen, Director of the Exhibition Department of the Shandong Museum、Deputy Director Zhang Lusheng guidance Learning for the whole process。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

During the practice of Euro 2024 odds winnerpractical teaching,Under the explanation and guidance of Director Xu and Director Zhang,Teachers and students visited the exhibition halls such,The cultural connotation contained in the precious cultural relics of Qilu land from prehistoric civilization to modern times,Understand the application of diversified digital technology in different exhibition themes。Two directors focused on introducing many digital technology used in cultural relics exhibition to teachers and students,Including but not limited to the full display of "four -dimensional landscape + animation"、Interactive air screen、The projection device on the top of the showcase with the physical exhibition、The open cultural sequence diagram at the end of the exhibition Euro 2024 odds winnerhall summarizes the exhibition, etc.。

Two directors said,The current Provincial Museum attaches great importance,Can bring tourists an immersive experience,At the same time, pay attention to the cooperation function of the two,Avoid "noise to win the Lord",Make full use of digital technology for exhibits to set up capacity。At the same time,Museum staff will also "adapt to local conditions",Follow the performance of different technologies in different exhibition halls,To better highlight the characteristics of exhibits。

Shandong Museum is the collection center and exhibition center of the province's cultural relics,Especially in ceramics、Bronze、Oracle、Tao Wen、Seal mud、Xi Yin、Jane、Han portrait stone、Painting Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsand Calligraphy、Favorites of good books are seen,In recent years, it has paid great attention to the application of digital interaction technology in the exhibition。The practical teaching of the Shandong Provincial Museum makes students realize the wide application of digital memory theory and practice in the field of cultural heritage,It also provides new ideas and methods for students to carry out digital memory project research later。Students said,Through this practical teaching activity,The understanding of the concepts and methods of digital technology in the protection and inheritance of digital technology in the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage is deeper,Feel the infinite charm of digital technology in digital cultural activities。

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