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To further improve the quality of undergraduate teaching training,Strengthening practical education,The School of History Organization 2021 Grade History Strongy Class,2022 Grade History Qiangji Class、Undergraduates of History Class to Liaocheng China Canal Cultural Museum to carry out teaching practice activities。Director of the Department of History Tan Jingyu、Level 2022 History Class Cao Jincheng、History strong base class teacher Xiong Xintong led a team to participate in the event。

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Liaocheng is located in the intersection of the Yellow River and the Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsCanal,Cultural heritage,The China Canal Cultural Museum is located here。There are multiple exhibition halls in the museum,Show through multimedia、Interactive experience and other methods,Comprehensively introduced the development process of the China Canal、Cultural connotation and related characters deeds,Let the audience understand the charm of the canal culture more deeply。

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There is a boutique exhibition of Liaocheng Stele -engraved Top Film in the Museum,Exhibit more than 50 representative extensions,Demonstrate the historical style of Liaocheng from different angles with rich content inscriptions。Under the detailed explanation of the teacher of the leading Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsteam,The students studied the inscriptions on the inscription,Listening Explanation、Think carefully,Exchange discussions with the teacher's companion,Further stimulated the study and research interest,Combined with other Canal -related cultural relics and exhibitions,I have a deeper understanding and perception of the canal culture。

In addition,Students walk into the ancient city of water to carry out research。Ancient City is located in Dongchang Lake Center in Liaocheng City,Centered on Guangyue Building, which was built in the seventh year of Ming Hongwu (1374),,The ancient city wall was built in the three years of Song Xining (1070)。Guangyue Building is a Euro 2024 odds winnerrepresentative building that transition from Song and Yuan Dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dynasties,is the largest one in the existing Ming Dynasty pavilion in my country。During the period,Haiyuan Pavilion, one of the four major collection buildings in the Qing Dynasty、Ming and Qing Dynasties Museum、Liaocheng Contract Culture Museum and other places for visiting and study。

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This activity gives students a better understanding of the canal culture,Promote the learning of students、Power learning and values ​​guidance fusion,Cultivate students' firm cultural self -confidence,Draw historical wisdom from the practical level,Holding Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsprofessional level,Improve historical thinking ability,Further consolidate the construction of the college's teaching practice platform system,Contribute youth for the new era and new cultural mission。