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  May 30,The Voice of Lantai Association "Yuexiang Future" archives student growth plan exchange meeting will be held at Zhixinlou A1017,At the School of History, Zhang Jingyan, Euro 2024 Predictions Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsand Betting Tipsan undergraduate representative of the Grade 2020 Archives of History、Lin Yan、Ren Jingyi、Xu Luyao、Ma Shirui、Ren Jingyi、Zhao Jingya conducts development experience exchange and sharing,Associate Professor Xu Xiaotong、Assistant researcher Wang Ning conducts guidance,Undergraduates at all levels of archives actively participate。

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Teacher Wang Ning summarizes the preparatory process,This exchange meeting responds to archives students' knowledge of future employment situation,With the assistance of Teacher Xu Xiaotong, he invited the 2020 level of archives undergraduate representatives to answer questions and solve questions for students by sharing and exchanges.,Expressing thanks to the preparatory staff for the exchange meeting。

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Teacher Xu Xiaotong made a module division in the exchange meeting,From further studies,Employment two aspects introduced the basic situation and activity process of class 2020 undergraduate representatives,2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionShare the exchange meeting after expressed affirmation of the overall direction of the 2020 undergraduates。

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The advancement module of the exchange meeting,Zhang Jingyan shared the experience prepared by his research,Show the classmates to study the time axis of the insurance research,Emphasize the importance of preparation。Lin Yue, a classmate, focused on sharing experience in studying abroad,Learn from documents to IELTS,Talk about your preparation experience。In the early morning, classmates are sharing the detailed insurance research experience,With your own experience of focusing on a clear balance mentality,It also pointed out that the future world is wide。Xu Luyao Choose from choosing school、Time planning and other aspects to state your postgraduate experience,Follow Points Concentrated。Ma Shirui showed a rich content preparation plan,Answer three key questions raised Euro 2024 odds winnerbefore the meeting。Five Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipsstudents sincerely summarize the difficult experience and harvest perception of the road to study,A targeted response to the students' questions and confusion in further studies。At the end of the advancement module,Teacher Xu Xiaotong focused on the postgraduate question of the examiner from the perspective of admissions,Emphasized the importance of the postgraduate preparation attitude and the importance of the preliminary test。

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Employment module at the exchange meeting,Ren Jingyi combined with her own experience,From data collection,Resume production,Written test preparation,The interview process and other perspectives shared the practical experience of going ashore of state -owned enterprises,Resource provided by the school,Interview subsidy and key issues extraction display,Finally summarized the importance of adjusting and adapting in employment selection。Zhao Jingya Euro 2024 odds winneris a summary introduction,Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsWritten test interviews to start the experience of military jobs and employment of military vocational employment,Detailed explanation of the interview status of archives professional positions,Preparation of self -introduction of interviews and accumulation of professionalism。Choice of two students from employment,Sharing of actual experience,It has brought close connection to the students,Comprehensive and rich employment experience sharing。

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During the questioning link of the exchange,Classmates enthusiastically speak,Actively ask questions with your own situation,Tell your doubts in your heart,Xu Luyao、Ma Shirui carefully answered the question of the postgraduate entrance examination.,The atmosphere of the exchange meeting is harmonious。

Before the end of the meeting,Teacher Wang Ning once again expressed the thanks for sharing and answering questions for seven students' representatives,Euro 2024 odds winnerGive them certificates Euro 2024 odds winnerand gifts prepared by the community,It also expresses the thank you for the advent of the participating students。

This "Yuexiang Future" archives student growth plan exchange meeting was successfully held。Care for the representative of the 2020 undergraduate representatives,In the future planning and other future planning, the archives students have been answered and confused,Through face -to -face communication with the senior sisters of the same profession,Construction of AC Bridge,reduced students' confusion about the future direction,Provide good channels for the future planning of archives students。