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May 20、31st,The Party Branch of the School of History and Archaeological College of History and Archeology of Shandong University held two "Studies Stores" member enjoying sessions at Zhixinlou A1116,Exchange on career planning such as "further studies" and "employment",A total of 12 positions of 2024 graduates came to share experiences、Answer questions。

Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tips

Zhao Jingyu takes the title "Selecting and Preparation of the Summer Camp in Baoyan Summer",How to choose a summer camp in the process of insurance research,Select the precautions for the summer camp and what kind of preparation for the summer camp to share experience。Yin Qi introduced the procedures for exemption to the students Euro 2024 odds winnerin detail,For example, performance point requirements、Preparation of preparations, etc.,In addition, I also share many information about Baoyan。

He Youhua、Song Haoren、Zhou Ruoyu's time schedule for the examination for examinations,Preparation for postgraduate school selection,Book recommendations for preparation and postgraduate information to the students in detail the planning arrangements for junior and senior seniors to prepare for the exam,and remind students that the postgraduate entrance examination is a difficult thing,You need to prepare early to plan early,It is recommended to study together for postgraduate students,Mutual Supervision。

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Study Abroad, Guo ChiyangLin Yan introduced the problem of choosing to Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsstudy abroad from four aspects on the perspective of history and archivesSelection of Study AbroadPreparations needed for studying abroadProbably spending on studying abroad in different countriesand other content。and emphasize that language is a threshold for studying abroad,Different majors have different requirements for IELTS TOEFL grades。

Luo Guoyun and Zhao Jingya look for information on the pre -editing information of the exam,The interview process is shared with students with the experience of their interviews and the public examination and preparation resources of the public examination.。

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Ren Jingyi、Li Jingyao shared his job experience with his classmates,Special mention of the preparation of resumes,Precautions Online European Cup Football Bettingfor written tests and interviews,and remind students to conduct several simulation interviews in advance,Accumulate experience。At the same time, they also shared some platforms for finding employment information,Some sources of question bank sources in the written test for employment units。

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After the sharing is over,Participating students conducted exchanges and discussions on related issues。

By hosting this exchange meeting,Provided rich education and employment information for all undergraduates of the college,Build a platform for interactive communication,It is conducive to allowing students to draw nutrients from the experience of their predecessors,Do a good job of personal career plan。Next,The college Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipswill further innovate content,Multiple measures to carry out a solid academic assistance and academic style construction,From different angles、Around different groups、For different needs,Provide a comprehensive and multi -level service content,Creation College still studies、A good atmosphere of music 的。