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On the afternoon of June 16,The Fourth Student Congress of the College of History and Archaeological Institute and the Graduate Student Congress was held at Zhixinlou A1017。Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Li Yinan,Excellent alumni representative、Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Office in charge Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsof Guojian,Li Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the College,College counselor Li Hu,The representatives of all grades of the school's master and the college student organization representatives participated in the meeting,Deputy Secretary of the College Student Youth League Committee Zhang Shaoxuan chaired the meeting。

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In the preparatory meeting,All representatives listened to the preparatory work report of the Fourth Student Congress of the School of History and the Archaeological College,Review and approve the "Conference Election Measures (Draft)" and the prison of the plenary meetingTicketsList of Tickets.

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At the opening ceremony,Fan Hua, Executive Chairman of the Student Union of the College、Chairman Guo Fengming, Chairman of the College of Graduate Students, gave the “Work Report of the School of History and Archaeological College 2023-2024 School Student Union” and "History College and Archaeological College 2023-2024 School Student Association Work Association",Review and summarize the work results and reform results of the college student organization in the past year。Members of the Student Union of the College Yan Hao、Leader 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionLi Guojian, the person in charge of the graduate student association of the college, gave the 2023 college -level student union、Graduate Association Student Development Rights Work Report,Summarized the results of the students' organization's rights and interests in the past year。Subsequent meeting conducted the college student organization 2023-2024 Outstanding student backbone and outstanding volunteer representative awards ceremony,To motivate students to organize members to perform their duties better,Serving classmates。

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Meeting,Excellent alumni representative Guo Jian reviewed the study time in Shan University in his speech,Especially the experience of being a student cadre of the college,and combined with the experience since work,Talking about how to be a qualified student cadre。He believes that student cadres must focus on the main business,Comprehensive and strong,Pay attention to improving writing ability、Language expression ability、Organizational coordination ability; grasp the direction、Services,Destructability、Dare to take responsibility,Maintain a high sense Euro 2024 odds winnerof responsibility and enthusiasm for work,At the same time, we can make good conspiracy and break、Good work and success,Exquisite to do things,Well people sincerely,Use student organizations to condense youth power,Write the story of struggle with youth,Development for the college school、Contribute to the construction of a strong country。

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Meeting,Li Yinan said in his speech,College Student Union and graduate students will continue to strengthen ideological leadership、Service students' rights and interests、Help academic development、Prosperous Campus Culture,Construction and Development in the Service School、Serving students' daily learning life played an important role,The results are worthy of affirmation; at the same time, three -point expectation is proposed,The students of the Hope Academy firmly belief,Changhuai's love,Responsible for the time of the times; fulfilling their duties,Serving youth needs,Establish service awareness; study hard,Consolidate the foundation of innovation,Pay attention to innovative practice; continue struggle,The source of civilization,Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsA firm inheritor of the excellent traditional culture of China、Active Innovative、Vigorous Promotor,Struggling to write as a Chinese -style modern chapter of youth。

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At the club meeting, Candidates to compete for defense,Put forward work ideas,The election of the conference was elected a new student union、Member of the Presidium of the Graduate Association,Discuss the Student Union、Work Report of the Graduate Association。Review and pass the "Articles of Association of the School of History and Archaeological College of Shandong University (Revised Case)" (Draft) document,Laure a good foundation for the strengthening of the system of student organization。Since then,Each student representative group heard the proposal,Actively offer a suggestion,From education and teaching、Life Service、Academic Resources Exchange and other aspects fully discussed,Strive to comprehensively reflect students' demands,Guarantee students' rights and interests。

On the closing ceremony,Student representatives around education and teaching,Campus infrastructure construction、Summary of the construction of the community,I have proposed Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipsto increase academic exchange activities、Add battery car charging pile、Optimize the establishment and arrangement of learning space,Optimized curriculum system、Suggestions for strengthening community construction。

Last,The meeting ended in the melodious and bright Shandong University song。The college will take this meeting as an opportunity,Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Consciously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspecting important instructions in Shandong,Further unity and leading the majority of young students to work hard,Thoughtful of "the big of the country",Inherit "Shanda Gene",Framented,赓 Continue great spirit,Courageous to take responsibility,Strive to participate in the historical journey of the school's "comprehensive map" and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。