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To do a good job of education work for graduates,Guide party members of the majority of graduates to further love the school when leaving school、firmly report to the country、Actions that Online European Cup Football Bettingcondense into talent,Enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of graduate party members,June 21,College of History、The School of Archaeological College carried out 2024 graduates party members "support the first mind,Youth Young Show New Year "theme education activity。Liu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of History and Archaeological Institute, attended the event and speak,Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Li Gonghua、Li Yinan participated in the event。The event is by the college counselor、Lee Hu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Undergraduates。

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2024 European Cup Live Score Prediction

Grade 2020 History undergraduate Luo Lijuan、2021 Grade Master of Archeology Deng Haoran、2021 Book Intelligence Professional Master Graduate Liu Aopeng speaks on behalf of graduates' party members。They reviewed their learning growth experience at Shan University,sincerely expressed the school、College and teachers and students sincerely thank you。They Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipssaid,It will inherit the mountain Great Gene、赓 Continue historical context,With more full enthusiasm、Entrying posture and firm steps devoted to the great practice of the new era。Grade 2020 History strong base undergraduate Ma Yuqi made "I built a word for my alma mater,A strategy for the School Progress "Summary Report,More than 30 graduates' party members in the school period、I heard、I feel,Active for school、The development and progress of the college offer suggestions。

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Li Gonghua、Li Yinan issued the "Party Member Political Birthday Card" to the party members of the graduates,I hope that all graduate party members keep in mind the identity of the party member,Practice the responsibility and historical mission of the times,Contributing new youth forces in the new journey of building a socialist modern country with practical actions。

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Disciplinary Member of Undergraduate Party Branch Zhang Shaoxuan led all graduates to party members to revisit the party's 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionoath,I vowed solemnly to motivate students to use a higher spirit、Excellent achievements practice the solemn commitment to the party and the country。

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Liu Jun takes the "Last Party Lesson" for the students。For the upcoming leaving mountain、Students who start the new journey,She put forward three hopes: First, firm ideals and beliefs,Refining party spirit cultivation。A firm believer and loyal practitioner of Xi Jinping in the new era of Xi Jinping,Consciously cultivate positive communist moral awareness,Actively carrying forward the new socialist style,Carve the Chinese excellent traditional culture and communist morality in your mind,melt into the blood,Fighting for model table rate,Firmly play the exemplary role of party members,advocates and practitioners who divorce civilization; the second is to cultivate the feelings of the country,Inheritance Shan Great Gene。I hope that the party members of the graduates can continue to draw power Euro 2024 odds winnerfrom the history of Baixiashan,closely linked the individual's ideal pursuit of the great cause of the party with the party,Forever home national conditions and human care,Insight Time、Walking at the forefront of the times,Chasing the stars in running,Create great in ordinary,Delivery、Report the motherland、Realize the value of life in the process of serving the people; the third is to take the courage to act as,Contributing youth forces。Persist in struggling posture,Excessive skills to practice,Guard the original heart in bowing and hard work,Establish a tide in innovation and competition,Persist in strictly strictly abide by the party's discipline,Give play to the leading role of Communist Party members、backbone effect、Bridge function,In this time -to -time era,Efforts to grow into a ambition high、Newcomers in the era of hard work。

In addition,The Party Committee of the College has prepared a study book for each graduate party member,Sends a message, 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictioneveryone must adhere to lifelong learning,Keep in mind the purpose of party members,Everdinary forgiving in a new post、Realistic innovation,Contribute to the development of the motherland and social progress,Strive to be the "Mountain Lord" in the new era。

This event is an important content of the theme education of graduates,It aims to guide the young party members to the family conditions,Inheritance of the spirit of the mountain,Give full play to the role of the pioneer of the party members of the graduates,Fight in the new learning environment and work position,Struggle to write as a youth chapter of Chinese -style modernization。

College of History、All graduates of the University of Archaeological College Benkemo participated in the event。