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Introduction to the College

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History disciplines always useA flag and benchmarking discipline of Shandong University, known for "History and History"。Original University of Chinese Higher Education,Shandong University was set up with "Chinese and Foreign History" courses at the beginning of 1901。Since then, it has gradually gathered and absorbed provincial Shandong University (established in 1926,School site Jinan)、National Qingdao University (established in 1930,Land of Qingdao,It was changed to National Shandong University in 1932)、Private Qilu University (established in 1917,School site Jinan) academic resources,The discipline system is gradually improved,YuOctober 1949Independent system.inThe 1950s and 1960s, those who teach at the history department of Shandong University, haveThe name of "Eight Professor" is well -known Yang Xiangkui, the Chinese historic community、Children's Book Industry、Huang Yunmei、Zhang Weihua、Chen Tongzheng、Zheng He Sheng、Wang Zhongzheng、Mr. Zhao Yisheng,and Ding Shan、Zhao Jibin、Wu Dazhen、Xu Siyuan、Liu Dun Yuan、Han Lianqi、Sun Sibai、Huashan、Pang Pu and other well -known scholars。This issue,Historical scholars in Shandong University launched a series of important influence academic discussions,Founded yesThe "Culture History and Philosophy" magazine, known as the king of Chinese colleges and universities,further established the status Online European Cup Football Bettingof the tradition and the status of the "Cultural and History" of Shandong University and the status of the town of culture and history。ScripturesSeveral generations of scholars 赓 continue to work hard,formed a group of in the forefront of the domestic academic community、Academic direction that has important influence in the international academic community。

July 1996,Based on the original historical department and other units,Establishment of the School of History and Culture of Shandong University。2000,Original Shandong University and Shandong Medical University、Shandong University of Technology merged and set up Xiongdong University。2001,Johor Bahru Complete Academy Integration,​​Formation of the School of History and Culture constant,Department of History under the College、Department of Archeology、Department of Secret Archives,History of ancient China、Two doctoral points of archeology and museums and ancient Chinese history、Modern History of China、Special History、Archeology and Museum Studies、History Theory and History of History、6 master's degree points, including world history。2002,Shandong University adds doctoral post -doctoral research flow stations。2007,Ancient Chinese History was selected into national key disciplines,Since then,Archeology and Museum Studies、Special History、China's modern history has also been selected as key disciplines in Shandong Province。2011,Chinese History、Three Disciplines of World History and Archeology obtained the "First -level Discipline Dr. Point"。August 2015,Shandong University successfully hosted the 22nd International History Science Conference with the "History Olympic",This is the first time in the conference that has entered Asia for the first time since 115 years。President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the conference,It is pointed out "Historical research is the basis of all social sciences,Bringing ‘during the heavenly man,The mission of the change of ancient and modern changes "

Since the new era, the colleges have achieved rapid development.2021 History majors selected as national first -class undergraduate construction points,In 2022, the File Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting TipsMajor Profession。Academic research is also highlights,Have a large number of scholars standing at the forefront of academic,produced a group of valuable research results,In the pre -Qin Qin and Han history、Middle Ages、Ming and Qing Foreign Relations、Boxer Movement and other fields have important international influence。

December 2023,The School of History and Culture is converted into the School of History,Archaeological Department is divided into the formation of archeological collegesEstablishing the Party Committee of the College of History and Archeology,HistoryThe Department of History, the Department of World History and Archives under the college.

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The Party Committee of the College of History and Archaeological College Existing Party Branch1Party branch20, of which 9 of the faculty party branchesStudent Party Branch11,More than 400 party members。The College Party Committee was awarded the "Advanced grass -roots party organization in Shandong Education System"。In recent years,The Party Committee of the School of History and Archaeological Institute adheres to the party building leader,Disciplinary construction and reform and development have been further promoted,The essence of the party members, cadres and staff officers entrepreneurship, strongly boost,strong discipline、Strong College、The pace of the strong school promotes the school steadily。Elected by the "Three Education" comprehensive reform pilot institutes of the Ministry of Education (Department),Become the only historical college in the country (department)。Master's Student Second Party Branch was selected as "National Party Construction Work Model Branch",Woning "Shandong University Advanced grass -roots party organization"。The academic team was awarded the "Advanced Collective of Shandong University", "Shandong University Hongqi Youth League Committee", "Advanced Collective of Shandong University Student Employment Work"。In recent years,The college has emerged as an outstanding individual of Chinese youth volunteers、Provincial social practice team、Provincial advanced class collective、Provincial Social Practice Advanced 2024 European Cup Live Score PredictionIndividual,Shandong University "Exempical Power" annual figures、Top Ten Communist Youth League members、Top Ten Group Branch、Top Ten Volunteer Service Organizations、Top Ten Student Unions、Top Ten Graduate Association、Top Ten Class Collective and other batch of outstanding individuals and advanced collectives。

2. Disciplines

The college has a historic category2 first -level disciplines (Chinese history、World History) and a second -level discipline (archives) of the management science category。Set 2 undergraduate majors (history、Archives),2 Ph.D. Points and Poor Moral Station (Chinese History、World History),2 Academic Master's Admissions Major (Chinese History、World History) and 1 Professional Master's Admissions (Archives)。

In the subject assessment of the Ministry of Education,Chinese History of Shandong University、The world history is all among the best。2016,History disciplines were included in the first batch of key discipline lists in the "Discipline Peak Program" of Shandong University。According to "Shandong University's World -class University Construction Plan",School focusing on the construction of five advantageous disciplines such as "Chinese Classical Academic",Chinese history ranked among them。

3, platform agency

The college has multiple teaching and research institutions and platforms, including1 national scientific research platformShandong University- China Sino -Japanese War Museum National Revolutionary Cultural Relics Collaborative Research Center,2 key research bases in Shandong Province -Shandong Cultural Industry Research Base、Shandong Eastern Cultural Research Base, etc.。The college is the secretariat of the China Boxer Research Association。

Four, Teachers Team

The college has a reasonable structure、Teaching and scientific research strength with strong teachers,Existing full -time teachersMore than 80 people,Among them, 35 professors,Associate Professor 34 people,Doctoral supervisorNear30 people, a master's tutorMore than 30People. The college has a lecturer at Shandong University1 person、New Century Ten million Talent Engineering Stando 1,National "Thousand Talents Program" youth -tip talents 1 2024 European Cup Live Score Predictionperson,The Ministry of Education's new century outstanding talent 2 people,Enjoy 4 people at the State Council Special Allowance Expert,Taishan Scholars Special Expert 1,Two Music Scholars Young Experts 2,4 special professors of Shandong University、Outstanding young and middle -aged scholars 3 people。The college's generations of scholars adhere to the ideal of education newspaper,Shen Qian Xue、Extracting people carefully,Adhering to the newly produced new、thick accumulation、Controversy debate、Dare to be the first school spirit of the world,formed an excellent academic tradition and educating characteristics。

5. Scientific research innovation

In the past ten years, the college publishedCSSCI, A&HCI and other papers more than 500 papers,Among them, "Chinese Social Sciences", "History Research", "Research on Chinese History""Research on Modern History"" "World History"Top -level and authoritative journalsMore than 70 articles,"People's Daily" and "Guangming Daily" nearly 30 articles。53 items of provincial and ministerial awards,Where,3 items of scientific research achievement awards in the Ministry of Education。Elected to the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievement Library 2 item,Guo Moruo China History Award 1、Nomination Award 1,Shandong Province Social Science Outstanding Contribution Award 1 person、Discipline Rookie Award 1 person,2 items such as Special Award Special Awards of Social Sciences in Shandong Province、First prize 6 items,Shandong Provincial Cultural Innovation Award 1 item。Get national level、168 items of provincial and ministerial projects,Among them, 85 National Social Science Fund Projects (including 4 major projects、4 key projects),11 items of social science projects of the Ministry of Education。

6. Talent training

College recruits undergraduates each year100People, Master student60People, doctoral students20Others,Recruiting various international students overseas。The college insists on standing a tree,Over the years has formed an excellent tradition and style of educating people,Leading in party building、Learning Style Construction、Internship Euro 2024 Football Predictions and Betting Tipspractice、Graduate Forum、Class teacher work、House and school contact and other aspects formed a distinctive feature。The college actively develops first -class undergraduate education,Efforts to improve the quality of graduate education,Pay attention to cultivating students' family feelings、Historical thinking、Innovation spirit and practical ability,Promotion"Knowing Ancient Jianjin, Chongshi Qiu Xing" disciplined characteristics。Pursue excellence、Courage to take responsibility、Learning knowledge、Professional solid、Diligent in practice、The characteristics of innovation,Graduate strong adaptability、Development Stamina,Won the extensive praise of employers in various industries at home and abroad。

Seven, International Exchange

College and Harvard University、Yale University、Cambridge University、Oxford University、University of Tokyo、Canada British Columbia University、Australian National University、Paris No. 1 University、Seoul University, South Korea、Chinese University of Hong Kong、Taipei"Central Research Institute" History and other famous academic institutions have established close bilateral relations,Scientific research cooperation、Academic exchanges and teachers and students frequently,formed a significant international characteristic。

8. Social Service

The college actively gives play to the subject advantage,Continuous conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong、Serving the country's economic and social development,Social Service、Think Tank Consultation Classmates Construction、Talent training has formed a benign interaction。In recent years,Establish a number of teaching and research practice bases and the continuing education base of archives in Shandong Province,Editors and publishing "Four Seasons of Chinese Culture", "Five Thousand Years of Chinese Culture (New Era)", "Shandong Civilization History" and other works,Dedicated to enhance cultural self -confidence、Enhance the soft power of national culture,achieved significant results。

9. Mission vision

The School of History of Shandong University is committed to building Euro 2024 odds winnerit into the top of China、The world -class historic high -level talent training base,Inheritance、Innovation、Show、spread the most representative college of the excellent traditional Chinese culture。

The college is using"Double first -class" construction is guided,Adhering to "Knowing Ancient Jian Jin,Ziyu Political Education "concept,Docking Cultural Powerful Country Strategy,Enhance cultural self -confidence,Promoting the academic tradition,Continuous prosperity of Chinese civilization,Actively promote the construction of first -class disciplines and the work of Lide Tree,Focus on building a multidisciplinary cross、A new pattern of cross -domain integration research。College aim at the cutting -edge discipline and national strategic needs,Efforts to build a historical research town with important influence at home and abroad,To cultivate the "Shan University School" with the same frequency of the same frequency as the times as the times,、Promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional culture of China to make new and greater contributions。

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