Rongxinjiang: Three -liter Zhaizhi Talk

May 17, 2024 16: 00-17: 30


Central Campus Zhixin Building A717

Rong Xinjiang: New Multiple and New Methods of Turpan Studies in Dunhuang

May 16, 2024 15:00


Central Campus Zhixin Building A0115

Gu Yucai: The protection and use of revolutionary cultural relics

May 13, 2024 (Monday) at 3:00 pm

Gu Yucai

Central Campus, Block A, Block A, Block A, the Central Campus

The fate of the empire under the interweighter of multinational interwoven -a new interpretation of the history of the late Qing Dynasty

April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 19: 00-21: 00

Wu Yanjun

Online European Cup Football BettingZhixinlou Block A 1017

Slave and virtue: The contradictions of the ancient Roman elite to the breastmade

April 16, 2024 19: 00-21: 00

Ji Qinghong

Zhixinlou Block A 1106

Let youth "educate" and "practice" labor -the Party Branch of the Institute of History and Archaeological Institute and the Logistics Organ Party Branch carried out joint studies and co -construction activities

May 16,The Party Branch of the Institute of History and Archaeological Institute and the Party Branch of the Logistics Organ to carry out joint studies and co -construction activities,Carry out the work of garden greening knowledge training and sparse fruit bags,Give full play to the function of labor education and education,Promoting civilized campus construction。In the event,Xie Dongdou, Director of Logistics Security Department Xie Dongdou, introduced in detail the knowledge of garden greening,Choose a good tree、Planting a tree、Keeping a good tree as the main line,Explanation of the purchase standard for trees、Planting skills and the main points of daily maintenance。He said,Campus greening is not only a means to beautify the campus environment,It is even more improving the cultural heritage of campus、An important way to create a harmonious Euro 2024 odds winneratmosphere。Subsequent,Everyone came to the campus ...

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Historical Agarwood Railway Canal, students rafting the ancient wave -the School of History organized undergraduates to go to Liaocheng China Canal Culture Museum to carry out teaching practice activities

To further improve the quality of undergraduate teaching training,Strengthen practical educating people,College of History Organization 2021 Grade History Strongy Class,2022 Grade History Qiangji Class、Undergraduates of History Class to Liaocheng China Canal Culture Museum to carry out teaching practice activities。Director of the Department of History Tan Jingyu、Grade 2022 History Class Cao Jincheng、Historical strong base class teacher Xiong Xintong led the team to participate in the event。Liaocheng is located in the intersection of the Yellow River and the Canal,Cultural heritage,The China Canal Cultural Museum is located here。There are multiple exhibition halls in the museum,Display through multimedia、Interactive experience and other methods,Comprehensively introduced the development process of the China Canal、Inside ...

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Teachers and students from archives at the School of History to the Shandong Museum to carry out practical teaching

On the afternoon of April 25,Undergraduate undergraduate students at the 2022 archives at the School of History of Shandong University, Online European Cup Football Bettingunder the leadership of Teacher Qu Chunmei and Teacher Wang Ning, go to the Shandong Museum to carry out practical teaching。This event mainly focuses on the content of the course of "Digital Memory Theory and Practice",It is designed to plan through the exhibition project through learning the Shandong Museum、Show Design、The concepts and methods of digital technology application,Deepen the understanding of digital memory。Xu Wenchen, Director of the Exhibition Department of the Shandong Museum、Deputy Director Zhang Lusheng guidance Learning for the whole process。During the practice of practical teaching,Under the explanation and guidance of Director Xu and Director Zhang,Teachers and classmates visited "Haiyu Day ...

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Get a double ten good! The School of History and Archaeological Institute won the best achievements in Shandong University's "Top Ten Class Collective" and "Top Ten Class Director" in 2023

Recently,In the selection of "Top Ten Class Collectives" and "Top Ten Class Director" at Shandong University in 2023,The Grade 2021 archives of the School of History was awarded the "Top Ten Class Collective" of Shandong University 2023,2021 undergraduate student Li Zijie was awarded Shandong University's "Top Ten Class Director" in 2023。Grade 2021 archives have a total of 22 students,5 members of the Communist Party of China、8 actors who joined the party,32 person -times of student Euro 2024 Predictions and Betting Tipscadres inside and outside the school,I have been rated from Shandong University Excellent Study Class、Advanced Group Branch、Five -star group branch、Top Ten Group Branch, etc.,Class classmates have won more than 200 items,National 9 times、School level 119 times。Class Establish 2+5+N academic mutual assistance group ...

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