Jinwen: Du Tian Question of Emperor Guangwu East of the Eastern Han Dynasty

June 14, 2024 (Friday) 10: 00-12: 00

Jinwen, Liu Yufeng

Central Campus Zhixin Building A1106

Hao Chunwen: Then talk about the social life of the five generations of the Song Dynasty in the late Tang Dynasty in the late Tang Dynasty

June 19, 2024 (Wednesday) 9: 30-11: 30

Hao Chunwen, Dai Guoxi

Central Campus Zhixin Building A1017

Rongxinjiang: Three -liter Zhaizhi Talk

May 17, 2024 16: 00-17: 30

Rong Xinjiang

Central Campus Zhixin Building A717

Rongxinjiang: New Methods Euro 2024 odds winnerand New Methods of Turpan Studies in Dunhuang

May 16, 2024 15:00

Rong Xinjiang

Central Campus Zhixin Building A0115

Gu Yucai: The protection and use of revolutionary cultural relics

May 13, 2024 (Monday) at 3:00 pm

Gu Yucai

Central Campus, Block A, Block A, Block A, the Central Campus

The School of History of Shandong University and the School of Archeology organized a special exchange meeting for "Li Xue Shop" to advance and employment

May 20、31st,The Party Branch of the Institute of History of Shandong University and the School of Archeology and the Student Union Learning Department held two "Li Xue Stores" member enjoying sessions at the Zhixinlou A1116,Exchange on career planning such as "further studies" and "employment",A total of 12 positions of 2024 graduates attended the present experience、Answer questions。Zhao Jingyu took the title of "Selecting and Preparation of Schools and Summer Camps",How to choose a summer camp in the process Online European Cup Football Bettingof insurance research,Select the precautions for the summer camp and what kind of preparation for the summer camp to share experience。Yin Qi introduced the procedures for exemption to the students in detail,For example, performance point requirements、Preparation of preparations, etc.,In addition to this ...

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Historic Institute and Archaeological College Young Volunteer Association entered the community to carry out traditional Chinese medicine to raise life

In the afternoon of June 2,Member of the Young Volunteer Association of the School of History and Archaeological Institute to Minzi Community,Together with the community residents to carry out traditional Chinese medicine health knowledge sharing and traditional Chinese medicine sachet production,Promoting traditional culture,Propaganda Chinese medicine knowledge,Serving Volkswagen Health。Member of the Qingzhi Association Yan Wenhui shared the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine health manual,Handbook is divided into recognition of Chinese medicine health、Familiar with Chinese medicine conditioning、Familiar with Chinese herbal medicine and summary four parts,Rich knowledge,Comprehensive content,increased the understanding and understanding of the knowledge of Chinese medicine Online European Cup Football Bettingin community residents,Advocates to pay attention to healthy life。Another,Members of Qingzhi Association lead the community residents to make traditional Chinese medicine sachets。...

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"Yuexiang Future" archives student growth plan and exchange meeting was held

May 30,The Voice of Lantai Association "Yuexiang Future" archives student growth plan exchange meeting will be held at Zhixinlou A1017,At the School of History, Zhang Jingyan, an undergraduate representative of the Grade 2020 Archives of History、Lin Yan、In the morning、Xu Luyao、Ma Shirui、Ren Jingyi、Zhao Jingya conducts enrollment employment experience exchange and sharing,Associate Professor Xu Xiaotong、Assistant researcher at Wang Ning conducts guidance,Undergraduate students at all levels of archives actively participate。Teacher Wang Ning summarizes the preparation process,This exchange meeting responds to the archives students' knowledge of the future school employment situation,With the assistance of Teacher Xu Xiaotong, he invited a 2020 -level archives undergraduate representative to through sharing ...

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